Enhancing Montessori Teacher Training with Early Childhood Music Education


  • What does tuition include?

    Your tuition in the program will include 225-hours of classroom instruction, six field consultant visits during your practicum, daily lunch/snacks (during classroom instruction), classroom textbooks (additional texts may be required for purchase by classroom instructor).

  • How long is each classroom day?

    We begin at 8am each day, with short breaks throughout the day, and classes finish each day at 5pm.

  • Do I need to pay my deposit immediately after I apply?

    No, your deposit is due once your application has been approved by the Institute Director. You will receive an email verification, after which you may pay online or by check.

  • Is Rock and Roll Institute accredited?

    We are currently undergoing the process of seeking accreditation and affiliation with a national Montessori accrediting organization.

  • Why is the last payment due within 30 days of accreditation

    To give our students security in the knowledge that we are providing a top tier education, we are only charging 50% of tuition up front. Once Rock and Roll Institute does receive it's national accreditation (estimate spring 2017), then all students will have 30 days in which to submit the final payment in order to continue on to full accreditation.

  • Do you offer distance education?

    Unfortunately, not yet. Don't fret though, we are hard at work building an online/distance platform for learning, and anticipate releasing a beta version in fall/winter 2016.

  • What will I receive when I graduate

    All graduates will receive a diploma from Rock and Roll Institute. Upon accreditation, all participating students will additionally receive Montessori certification.