Enhancing Montessori Teacher Training with Early Childhood Music Education


Partner Proposal

Rock and Roll Institute is a premiere teacher education center for Innovative Early Childhood Education. Our programs consist of

  • Advanced Montessori Studies
  • Early Childhood Music
  • Early Childhood Administration & Leadership

With locations in Downtown Cambridge, Massachusetts, Rock and Roll Institute provides convenient access to high quality teacher education. Our programs are available for early childhood educators, parents of young children, aspiring teachers, and are available for certification or audit. An education at the Rock and Roll Institute provides a wonderful foundation for individuals seeking Montessori certification, a greater understanding of early childhood music, early childhood administration, or becoming a better educator regardless of your speciality. Our non-exclusive educational focus provides students with an array of choices of study to achieve Rock and Roll Institute’s goal of creating innovative early childhood educators.

“Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world” Maria Montessori

Rock and Roll Institute is now offering exclusive partnerships to select schools

What are the Perks of being a Rock and Roll Institute Partner?

  1. Send three teachers from your school, get one free tuition
  2. 10% off tuition if you send 2 or more
    (may not be combined with free tuition special)
  3. Free 6-months use of Rock and Roll Institute Online (Launch 2017)
  4. Become an affiliated partner of Rock and Roll Institute, listed on our company website
  5. Become a preferred internship site for Rock and Roll interns
  6. Receive preferred payment plan options (no installment plan fees)

What are the Requirements of being a Partner?

  1. Commit to sending one teacher to attend RRI per year
  2. Provide your school as an internship site for RRI interns
  3. List partnership with RRI on school website (logo)

One test of the correctness of educational procedure is the happiness of the child.

-Maria Montessori