Enhancing Montessori Teacher Training with Early Childhood Music Education

Leadership & Administration

Leadership & Administration

RRI prepares teachers who are aspiring leaders, school administrators who are seeking to heighten their skills, and newcomers to the field. Our goal is to prepare students to be effective, efficient, and compelling communicators and leaders. We will discuss
procedures, technological

systems to improve efficiency, conduct situational role plays, and challenge your comfort zone. The information in this course is designed to be a shot in the arm, and therefore will be unlike other similarly titled programs.

This course consists of a 30-hour academic phase. Upon completing the full academic phase, students will receive RRI Leadership & Administration certification.

Program Clock Hours 30 contact hours =30 total hours Core curriculum areas include:
  • Personal Growth & Development
  • Leadership
  • Individual Personal Development Plans
  • Program Administration
  • Self Reflective Practices