Enhancing Montessori Teacher Training with Early Childhood Music Education


Infant and Toddler: Birth – 3 Years


At RRI, it is our desire to provide the highest level of education in early childhood, music, and the Montessori method. Led by distinguished and experienced Montessori instructors, and leaders in the field of education, leadership, and music, the RRI course of study is
designed to prepare students intellectually, spiritually, and professionally to enter a
Montessori classroom confident and inspired!

RRI also offers a unique opportunity for early childhood professionals to survey techniques from a variety of music teaching methodologies and learn how they can be integrated into everyday classroom routine.

Participants will learn about basic music theory, vocal and instrumental performance technique, music and brain development, while taking
introductory courses from master teachers in Dalcroze Eurhythmics, Kodály method, Orff Schulwerk, and Music Together. RRI will also facilitate discussion on the impact of the arts in early childhood education, the academic and socio-emotional benefits of arts education, and strategies to integrate music and arts in the infant, toddler, and preschool classroom.

Courses consist of a five-week summer academic phase, followed by a nine month Montessori teaching practicum experience. The practicum may take place at a Montessori school selected by the student and approved by RRI. Upon completing the full academic phase and practicum, students will receive RRI certification and be recommended for Infant/Toddler accreditation with an accredited Montessori organization.

Program Clock Hours

225 contact hours + 540 practicum hours =665 total hours

Core curriculum areas include:

  • Montessori Philosophy – 24 hours
  • Pedagogy – 21 hours
  • Environmental Design – 30 hours
  • Child, Family, and Community – 15 hours
  • Observation – 15 hours
  • Child Growth and Development – 27 hours
  • Practical Life & Sensorial – 30 hours
  • Personal Growth and Development – 15 hours
  • Program Leadership – 15 hours
  • Early Childhood Music and Early Childhood Brain Development – 18 hours
  • Introduction to Early Childhood Music Methods – 15 hours

Please note that RRI does not guarantee employment, salary, and occupational advancement are not guaranteed

“Any child can be developed, it depends on how you do it.”

-Shinichi Suzuki